“Fresh, new mix of jazz and the spoken word. Combines the talents of author Tomas Gayton & multi-instrumentalist Richard A. James, longtime residents of San Diego, Calif. as well as mainline local jazz greats Daniel Jackson, Joe Marillo, etc.
Tomas Gayton and I are happy to announce that our new CD, Jazz Heaven, is now available on various websites. Not only can you buy the album on my website at > recordings > Jazz Heaven. Take your pick. We’re on Just type in “Jazz Heaven” and that will get you to our album. Same thing is true for iTunes. Btw, nice graphics, you’ll dig it. Again just go there and type in “Jazz Heaven,” and there you’ll be… The cool thing is that you can download one song, that grabs your attention, check it out, and just work it from there…
Here are a couple of reviews we’ve gotten so far, and there will be others as well.
from jazz great Charles McPherson: ‘Truly a creative adventure in poetry and jazz by two talented friends of mine. The poetry is insightful, and the symbiotic connection with the music works.’ Charles McPherson
from Joe Garrison (local piano artist, gifted composer, founder of “Joe Garrison and Night People”): A very fortunate collaboration of original spoken word by Tomas with organic accompaniment by the extremely versatile Richard James. So fun to hear these two artists stretch out. (Perfectly matched cover art.)
Joe Garrison – 11/2016
more to come”


My book of Jazz poems, JAZZ HEAVEN has just been published. It is available through Amazon and can be purchased in paperback or Kindle.


Copy and paste the website below into your browser to purchase JAZZ HEAVEN


When every day we see them lost
By Legal Lynching
Easy targets for “Law enforcement”
And the press to Stigmatize and Demonize
Because of our color

Why? I wonder
Must we relive America’s bloody history
Of Slavery, Black Codes and Jim Crow
With daily accounts of Legal Lynching
In this New Century
Why do Black deaths matter?

Here is the link to the website of Richard A. James, who composed and performed the music for the CD “Jazz Heaven”, a collection of Jazz poetry by Tomas Gayton. For MP3 samples and a link to order the CD, please visit his website at

The Saga of Lewis G. Clarke, Born a “White” Slave
I highly recommend you read Carver Clark Gayton’s remarkable biography of his maternal great grandfather, an African American hero and fugitive slave who with Frederick Douglass was a leader in the Abolitionist struggle to end slavery.
After interviewing Lewis, Harriet Beecher Stowe described Lewis G. Clarke as the prototype for the character George Harris in her popular novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, published in 1852.
Lewis’ life dramatically personifies the tragic results of the One Drop Rule of white America. But “The evil produced a good. African Americans can look very different from each other but bond together…The one-drop rule united a group of people to fight the residual effects of slavery, i.e., segregation, racism, and injustice. Indeed Lewis Clarke celebrated his black heritage.”

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