Yazoo City Blues:

“As in court testimony direct evidence of sense physical action fast detail” ~ Allen Ginsberg

“Here is a man who through his activism, his living, his writing focuses on the issues of his time. This is not an easy read if you fear pushing against the walls of this culture.” ~ John Peterson

Shrewd and expansively compassionate observations play a steady drumbeat throughout this author’s prose and poems, echoing a myriad of cultures, cities, and souls as Gayton pursues a relentless global search for personal integrity, both his and those of his subjects. ~ Author Campbell

Winds of Change/Vientos de Cambio:

…Tomás Gayton’s poetry shows his passion for the discovery of nature, love, life, and expecially social justice. ~ S. L. Pedregal

Perhaps the duties of the poet have been the same throughout history… to take part in combat after combat… Poetry is rebellion. ~ Pablo Neruda

To purchase with plastic, from Amazon.com:
Yazoo City Blues by Tomas Gayton Winds of Change by Tomas Gayton
Yazoo City Blues Winds of Change/Vientos de Cambio

To purchase Yazoo City Blues or Winds of Change/Vientos de Cambio with check or money order, please download, print, and fill out this ORDER FORM (pdf format). Mail completed form, along with check or money order to:

Tomás Gayton
2471 Haller Street
San Diego CA 92104
Phone: 619.280.3172

Yazoo City Blues [$15 ea., + $4.05 USPS Priority, 1-2 books within US, contact for international rates] Or CLICK HERE to order from Poetic Matrix Press.

Winds of Change//Vientos de Cambio [$15 ea., + $4.05 USPS Priority, 1-2 books within US, contact for international rates] Or CLICK HERE to order directly from publisher Poetic Matrix Press.

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  1. Tomas says:

    My latest book of poetry/prose is “Sojourn on the Bohemian Highway” can be ordered from Poetic Matrix Press

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