walks in from the rain
wearing a black leather coat
The blues
in her cherry brown eyes

What do I make of this life
of luxury and indifference
al fin de siecle?
She sights

Do I make any difference
to the merging mega-banks
and trans-nationals
in the age of Microsoft
where the unseen hand
moves with deadly effect
over homeless bodies
slumbering in doorways
and alleys on 5th ave.

The market place
judges with impunity
my petty crimes
and mortal sins-
to everyone
except my solitary soul

Why do we sleep
as the barricades
are stormed
by the secret police
of the corporate elite?

Where is the stuff of truth?
She weeps
Are we the new man and woman
in this new age prison?

Where is love
she pleads
in this new world order
where virtual reality
rules heart and flower?

The voice of God beckons
to jump off the edge
into satori

— Tomas ’98