Is Hubris personified in a man of small intellect and stature masquerading as a compassionate man of substance who follows his momma’s directives on what to wear and what to say while the real Boss, Dick Cheney, calls the political shots.

This is why his demagogic potential is so great as he leads us in our war against terrorism and satanic Saddam Hussein, his arch- enemy, the guy whom we created and now must destroy to vindicate his defeated daddy George the First.

Bush the master of sound bites reduces even the most complicated issues to black and white except for his own history of financial chicanery.

He divides the universe into the civilized world of our friends, allies and sycophants vs. the Axis of Evil world of terrorists and those who oppose our self righteous sense of entitlement and paternalism.

How tragic that this nation with all of its wealth and resources has been reduced by the plutocracy to rule by the weakest link in the chain of Corporate Command.

— Tomas ’02