in Montclair Canyon strolling and stumbling
on desiccated stones in the canyon creek
inhaling the fragrance of blossoming flowers
untiI I pass under palm fronds into an Ashram
secreted in mystery where I meditate & pray
for Peace & Love as a breeze
whispers in the trees that my spirit is
free from the world
the flesh
and the ego

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Disfruta la vida loca

It’s Spring in San Diego
the stars are out tonight
and the sky sparkles
in celestial light
La Frontera lies below
In the distance where border lights
and Tijuana hills are aglow
like diamonds in the dark

Blues rhythm and rhyme
rule the Nation

Blues Legends save us:

Son House
Robert Johnson
Jelly Roll John Lee Hooker

Blind Lemon
Lead Belly
T-Bone Walker

Muddy Waters
Howlin’ Wolf
B.B. King
Buddy Guy

Ma Rainey
Memphis Minnie
Bessie Smith

Etta James
Billy Holiday
Nina Simone

BLUES defend us from
Skin Heads… Neo-Cons
The Alt-Right… The New Reich

As America repeats its retreat
from Reconstruction begun in 1877
when Hayes was elected President
and grand-uncle Jefferson fell victim
to white sheets with rope and gun

Now you sing the Blues
but don’t forget
why we sing the Blues
Don’t forget!
Why we are the Blues Nation

Walking in Montclair canyon while on retreat
I see two coyotes roaming the slope
descending under sagebrush
to the creek below where shallow water flows
over desiccated stones and sand
while I stand still and watch in wonder
as these two curious creatures bestow
a blessing on my wandering soul

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