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In the Hollywood Bowl on a sunny afternoon
surrounded by my people
smilin’ swingin’ & shakin’
to the syncopated rhythm
and sonorous solos soaring
from the stage below to heaven above
Rhapsodies of every hue echo on the surrounding hills
as we celebrate the lyrical bliss of Dave Brubeck
and Quincy Jones, High Priests of modern Jazz
Smilin’ swingin’ & shakin’ brothers & sisters
worship with me the Word made music

Dave Brubeck departed today after bringing Jazz to millions
of music lovers everywhere
TAKE FIVE was the first Jazz album I purchased in High School
when David Yamamoto turned me on to Progressive Jazz—
Now your piano riffs carry you into the stratosphere
of syncopated rhythm & soaring solos
where you are welcomed into Jazz heaven
by Satchmo, the Duke & Count, Diz, Miles, Yardbird, Coltraine
Wes & Monk among other maestros in the sacred number
with whom you can play on ebony and ivory forever