Entries tagged with “social justice”.

I wait in the courthouse
for my 13 year old client
to be brought to Juvenile Justice

After patted down and frisked
by arsenals in uniform
he shuffles from a concrete cell
in a parade of shackles
to court room and back
to his steel spring bed

He is a child at risk
who when released
returns scared & scarred
to the hood
without a neighbor

Where homies share war stories
as cop cars cruise
and catch gang bangers
and wannabes
in the ghettos and barrios
of the other America

Emmett Till’s lynching
On the flaming cross
Of the Ku Klux Klan
Has been resurrected
In Sanford Florida
Where Trayvon Martin
Was martyred
For being Black
Wearing a hoodie
And walking
In a white neighborhood

Stand your ground
Join with me
Chop down
The legal lynching tree!
Tomas 013